Stop using the word “only”…

“We’re only running 6 miles tomorrow”

“I only swam an easy 1500″

“It’s only a half ironman”

I was talking with Cristina yesterday morning after a grueling TRX class, and we were talking about our training plan.  We realized that sometimes we discredit ourselves when it comes to the amount of activity we really do.   Being a triathlete (even an average age-grouper like myself) puts our perspective on exercise and training on a much different level than your average person.

One of my goals is to not beat myself up about having a “slow” day during any of my trainings.  As the saying goes, “Comparison is the thief of joy”.  I need to remind myself of this.  Not only comparing myself to others, but comparing myself to myself!  There will rarely be a perfect race day.  The whole reason I tri is to do it with a happy, joyous, and grateful heart!

So when November 8 rolls around, and I slide that swim cap over my head, goggles over my eyes, and wade into Decker Lake, I need to remember how lucky I am to be there.  To have an able body.  And to TRI WITH JOY!

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2 thoughts on “Stop using the word “only”…

  1. Love this post! So true – we often downplay our achievements… Maybe out of humility? Maybe to impress non runners, I say, “I only got 45 minutes in today”… But I agree, we shouldn’t cheat ourselves, or the possibility of a happy, joyous, grateful heart!
    Thanks Jenna!


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