October Updates


Hello October!

We’re almost 2 weeks into the month and today is the first day it actually feels like fall. That is, of course, because we have a front blowing through, but I am taking full advantage of this sweater weather, baby.


So, a few life updates…Mike and I had NOLA 70.3 on the calendar since January, however, schedule conflicts will not allow us to participate this year. Bummer, except that we are fortunate enough to be able to defer it for next year. So I’ll be looking forward to conquering that course in 2018!

October 22 I’ll be running the Brownsville Historic Half Marathon. I’ve been running twice a week, with one short run (3-5miles), and one long run (10 miles) for the past 6 weeks. I know that running only twice a week doesn’t sound like much, but for my body, it’s all I can take. The heat and humidity has just been a killer to my body. Even running at 4:30am, sometimes it’s 80+ degrees!

morning run

Most all of my friends are signed up for this race because Orangetheory Fitness Brownsville is the main sponsor. In fact, Ownway Apparel designed running shirts for our OTF Brownsville team to wear in the half. We tried them out at a local 5k a few weeks ago, and we sure looked sharp!

otf run shirts

Speaking of Orangetheory Fitness Brownsville, the countdown is on until we open the doors! My husband and his partners and team have been so dedicated and hardworking to get it all rolling. They’ve already surpassed a few records, including membership pre-sales. They’ve visited school campuses, local health events, hospitals, doctors’ offices, you name it! I have 100% faith it will be a raging success!


Mike and I head to San Diego next week for a couple of days. He’ll be there for business, I’m tagging along for fun. I’ve never been there and can’t wait to explore. If you’ve ever been to San Diego PLEASE send me your recommendations of places to visit and things to do. I want to soak as much of it in as I can in the 2 days I’m there!

Can’t wait to watch Kona this Saturday! Go Big Sexy go!