Keep that Motivation Comin’

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It’s an internal emotional rollercoaster up in this head of mine.  One minute I’m pumped up visualizing the finish line, the next I’m p**ping my pants (not literally) from nerves!

The days are passing too quickly, yet not passing quickly enough!




Better With Friends


If you had told me a year ago that I’d be sitting on a trainer for 6 hours to complete my first century ride, I’d have told you you were insane!

The only reason it was bearable (dare I say, enjoyable?!) was because I had my friends with me. We can see the goal coming into fruition, and every training date, every milestone, is getting us closer!




A Healthy Balance

Happy Spring Break!

So far, it has been a much-needed break from the daily work schedule, yet still getting some good training in. I have to be honest, I have been mildly internally panicking at the rapid speed our Ironman training plan has been picking up. But along with that, I am making sure to slip in some quality relaxation/fun time, too. This past weekend we made a last minute trip up to San Antonio to stay with other tri-friends, and it was a blast. We rode in the beautiful hill country and had many laughs. It was for sure #adultspringbreak done right.

The rest of this week will be more training along with foam rolling, stretching, icing, and movie nights at home with some wine and kettlecorn (they go well together, you should try it!)


Gotta balance it all out, I tri and I make sure to still enjoy the little things in life.



Reese’s for breakfast?

Most weekday mornings I literally have about 30 minutes between getting home from the gym to heading out to work. Between that time I have to shower, dress, fix hair/makeup and whip up a breakfast (and of course, coffee)!

I have found the fastest and most delicious way to have a healthy and protein-filled breakfast: I call it my “Reese’s Shake”. If you love chocolate and peanut butter as much as I do, then I guarantee you’ll love this breakfast protein shake.

PB SMoothie

I like to add coffee to my shake for a little extra caffeine. I use my Keurig to brew up a cup real quick.  The protein flavors that taste the best with these ingredients are either vanilla or s’more.

Try it and let me know what you think! Do you have any favorite quick healthy breakfast ideas?



Pump it Up Playlist

Thought I’d share my playlist that I was jamming out to whilst riding my trainer in my 100 degree garage this afternoon.

Hideaway- Daya (Neptune Remix)

Break A Sweat- Becky G

My House- Flo Rida

Hold My Hand- Jess Glynne

Me and the Rhythm- Selena Gomez

Where R U Now- Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo

House of Gold- Twenty One Pilots

Peanut Butter Jelly- Galantis

Surrender- Cash Cash

Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen

I Will Wait- Mumford and Sons

Sorrow- Bad Religion

These kept me going for my hour ride! Some rando’s in there…add them to your playlist and enjoy!



What are you sweating for?

I’d like to say I’m a “people person”.  Sure, I can be shy in a crowd of people I don’t know, but I enjoy surrounding myself with happy, funny, and positive people.

I have never lived alone.  I remember my last semester of college I had to go back to school a week before college classes resumed because I was starting my student teaching semester and the public schools resumed earlier.  I was alone in the apartment I shared with my best friend because she was still at home with her family.  I know many people would love the serenity of silence and being able to do whatever they want with no one else around.  But I was downright lonely.

Being around the great energy of others helps to inspire me. I think what has helped renew my motivation to press through Ironman training is the wonderful crew I have around me. My husband, who will also be competing in the same Ironman Texas race for the first time, really keeps me going.  My best girlfriends and Betty teammates help keep me accountable as we check off every workout on our training calendar. My parents, who are always a nervous wreck at every race until they see me cross the finish line.  And many other new friends I have made through joining in this crazy (awesome) world of triathlon.


This past weekend I wasn’t able to coordinate with any of my friends to do the 4 hour bike ride together. This would be my longest ride to date. Everyone else went on Saturday, but I had scheduled a much-needed bike fitting, so I had to miss out.

To be honest, the last thing I wanted to do was spend my Sunday morning sitting on the trainer for 4 hours. But that’s exactly what I found myself doing. And what kept me going was thinking about all of us working hard and putting in the training necessary to complete our race successfully.


Of course it’s going to be uncomfortable and unpleasant; there is not one athlete (age-grouper or pro) out on the course who is without any type of pain or fatigue. But that’s what makes finishing so great; seeing that your own body can do amazing things.

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I often ask my spin class, “What are you sweating for?!” Every person has their own reason but the underlying tone we need to carry is this: we are all there to get better- to feel better, stronger, healthier- and then hopefully in turn share our inspiration with others.  And we need to remind ourselves, that we get to do this. We are strong and blessed with able bodies. We need to remember and celebrate our journey.