Hump Day Update

“It’s already Wednesday!”

That’s what I always say in my 5:30am RPM spin class.  I do this to help convince myself that if it feels like it’s been a long week so far, I’m almost through it.  When I say it aloud, it seems to make me feel better, haha.

Well the weekend in San Antonio was a lot of fun.  Mike and I had a nice relaxing dinner on Friday night at La Cantera, then headed back to the hotel and relaxed. Luckily, his training wasn’t scheduled to start until 10:30am the next day, so we didn’t have to worry about setting an early alarm.san antonio with mike

But of course, we naturally woke up at 6:30am (that’s sleeping in for us!)  So we made use of the hotel gym.  I ran 3 miles on the treadmill then hopped in the pool and swam for about 30 minutes.  The hotel had a lap pool that was about 30 meters long, which was awesome!


Mike went to his training for TriggerPoint all day, and one of my college besties Lexie picked me up and we drove back to my alma mater, Texas Lutheran University.  I hadn’t been back to visit in about 3 years, so it was so nice to go back and see everything that had been my home for 5 years.  I sure miss it!with lexie

We had lunch at the Huisache Grill in New Braunfels, which was amazing!  We caught up on each others’ lives.  I just love spending time with good, true, girl friends.

On another note, yesterday I went for my first session of ultrasound therapy.  I am willing to try anything to get my leg feeling better.  It was nice, and didn’t hurt (like Airrosti, ouch!)  I have another appointment scheduled for tomorrow.  The doctor recommends 2-3x a week, so I’ll do my best to make that happen!


No my leg, obviously.

I finally submitted my Betty Designs team application last night! Here’s a link: Jenna Gutierrez Betty Application Took me many hours to make, and I sure hope it does the trick!  We’ll find out by email on October 30.  Now, it’s just a waiting game.  All in the Lord’s hands!

lord quote




TGIF and it’s Payday!

Happy Friday!  I am very excited because my hubby and I get to take a quick weekend out of town to San Antonio.  We usually go out of town once a month, but it’s been 2 months since we last got away, and I’m needing it.  He has a TriggerPoint session he is attending, and I’m just going along for the ride.


Yesterday I went to TRX in the morning and my leg was nagging me a bit, but I got through it.  I’ve been icing and stretching, but I DO need to foam roll more.  It’s so easy to skip that part because: 1) it’s painful! and 2) it takes me like 30 minutes to do my whole rolling routine.  Sometimes I just get lazy and really don’t feel like it.  But I need to do it!struggle quoteI realize that Longhorn 70.3 is in 6 weeks and I am praying that I can be in no pain by that time!  I want to stay positive and really visualize and believe that I will be pain-free for my half and full Ironmans!

quote dreams

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”

Mine must be big enough because they sure scare the hell outta me!

Tri With Joy!


Applications are up!

bike run

So my friend just texted me that the Betty Designs Team 2016 applications are up on the site!  When I excitedly visited the page, I saw that we are limited to 3-5 sentences…ehhh, that means I’ll need to do some SERIOUS editing on my essay!

Also, I REALLY want to be able to make a slideshow/video, but I don’t know how!  I may have to just do a cheapy iphone video and hope it works.

This past weekend flew by, but I got a nice 40 mile bike ride in.  We started at sunrise and the morning was nice and cool!  It’s been ridiculously hot and humid (as it usually is) so I really enjoyed and was grateful for the pleasant weather.

Hopefully I’ll get a good week of training in this week with minor leg pain!

First Post…my Betty Application


So this is my first blog post!  I know it’ll take awhile for me to learn it and make it all pretty and organized, but I’m excited!  So I have been putting the finishing touches on my Betty Designs application to become part of the 2016 team.  I have the essay part mostly done, it’s just the photos and video that I need to make.  Sadly, I do not own a Mac computer and do not have iMovie or any other editing program like it, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

I do have plenty of race and training pictures to use, I just need to organize them all into a file and get them ready.  The application goes live next Monday, Sept. 21, so I want to get it in ASAP.

The countdown to Longhorn 70.3 is on! We’re about 7 weeks out!  Unfortunately my leg has been acting up again (I’ve been struggling with tendonitis issues since March).  I thought I was on the right track with no pain for almost three weeks until last Wednesday morning while teaching my 5:30am RPM class.  I felt a tinge of pain during a heavy climb, and ever since then it has been bugging me.  If it continues, I’ll have to make another appointment with my Airrosti doctor :(.

I am hopeful for a pain-free race, so I need to do what I need to do!