Tri Girl Sprint Race Report

Summer vacation is over…where did it go?!

I know I’ve been M.I.A from blogging all summer, which is ironic because I thought I would be blogging more often over the summer. Oh well, it was a wonderful couple of months & now I am ready to start another school year.

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Tri Girl Sprint hosted by Bicycle World RGV in Harlingen, TX. This was my 2nd time to compete in this race, and I really enjoyed it last year, so I was looking forward to it this year.

It is very rookie-friendly; consisting of a 300m swim (in an Olympic distance pool), a 10 mile bike, & a 3 mile run. I was also excited to be racing alongside my mom for the first time! She has been training consistently for the past 4 months, and I knew she would do well.

Race Day:

Woke up at 4:30am and got all of my stuff together. Mike helped me load my and my mom’s bikes on the rack & I headed over to pick her up around 5:40am. Had a Bonk Breaker bar and a bottle of water for breakfast. When we got to the race site we made our way to transition and set ourselves up. Since it’s a small race, any place you rack your bike in transition is a good place.

The race was to begin at 7:00, so we waited around the pool for the festivities to begin.

Some of us dunked in to feel the water temperature and make sure our goggles were adjusted correctly.


Before we knew it, a prayer was said, the National Anthem was sung, and we were heading to line up to start.


It was a self-seeding line, so I made my way towards the 1:50-2:00 minute 100 meter swim pace.



The start was nice, with a 15 second gap between swimmers. I really enjoy swimming in this pool and found my rhythm right away & had a pleasant swim.


Jumped out of the water & headed into transition. Threw on my helmet, sunglasses, bike shoes & ran my bike out.


As soon as I took off on my bike I noticed my brakes were making a loud screeching sound when I rounded the first couple of turns. I got into my zone & started hammering away as fast as I could, but I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.

I also noticed my heart rate was very high and I was breathing heavily. Since I lost my bike computer at IMTX & chose not to wear my Garmin for this race, I had no idea what my speed was. I tried to ignore my heavy breathing and effort & thought to myself that maybe my brakes were rubbing in the back (which was what had happened to me once before when I first got this bike last summer).


I pushed through and finished the bike feeling a little more winded than usual, but was interested to see what my legs had in store for me for the run.

What was cool was that as I was in transition to start my run, my mom was in transition right beside me to start her bike. So I was happy to see her.


I loved how many spectators showed up and cheered us on in and out of transition. Heading out on the run I got a lot of friendly cheers and words of encouragement. We were lucky that it was a little overcast that day, so it wasn’t so extremely hot.

Overall, the run wasn’t so bad. I realized I was in the 3rd overall position once I hit the turn-around, and I knew the two women ahead of me weren’t in my age group, so that helped me kick it up a bit & head in for a strong finish.


Sprinted through the finish line and got interviewed for the newspaper right away; still trying to catch my breath. Found out I was first in my AG! Very happy about that.


Stuck around to see my mom come in on the bike and my other girlfriends finish. I made my way to the corner when I thought my mom would be finishing her run, and ran into the finish line area with her.


I am so extremely proud of her!


A very well-run race that I will most definitely do again next year!

By the way, when I got home and unloaded my bike, I took a look at my brakes and they WERE rubbing the tire frame the whole time! So it wasn’t me biking as poorly as I thought after all, haha ;).

What’s next on the calendar? Well, Longhorn 70.3 is in about 10 weeks, so training volume will gradually increasing, but I’m looking forward to it. I feel like I’m ready to get back on a schedule and a plan. It’s hard for me to train during the summer when my schedule is off. So, it’ll be nice to have that structure again.

Congrats to all the ladies who completed yesterday’s Tri! And remember….



A Healthy Balance

Happy Spring Break!

So far, it has been a much-needed break from the daily work schedule, yet still getting some good training in. I have to be honest, I have been mildly internally panicking at the rapid speed our Ironman training plan has been picking up. But along with that, I am making sure to slip in some quality relaxation/fun time, too. This past weekend we made a last minute trip up to San Antonio to stay with other tri-friends, and it was a blast. We rode in the beautiful hill country and had many laughs. It was for sure #adultspringbreak done right.

The rest of this week will be more training along with foam rolling, stretching, icing, and movie nights at home with some wine and kettlecorn (they go well together, you should try it!)


Gotta balance it all out, I tri and I make sure to still enjoy the little things in life.



Pump it Up Playlist

Thought I’d share my playlist that I was jamming out to whilst riding my trainer in my 100 degree garage this afternoon.

Hideaway- Daya (Neptune Remix)

Break A Sweat- Becky G

My House- Flo Rida

Hold My Hand- Jess Glynne

Me and the Rhythm- Selena Gomez

Where R U Now- Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo

House of Gold- Twenty One Pilots

Peanut Butter Jelly- Galantis

Surrender- Cash Cash

Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen

I Will Wait- Mumford and Sons

Sorrow- Bad Religion

These kept me going for my hour ride! Some rando’s in there…add them to your playlist and enjoy!



What are you sweating for?

I’d like to say I’m a “people person”.  Sure, I can be shy in a crowd of people I don’t know, but I enjoy surrounding myself with happy, funny, and positive people.

I have never lived alone.  I remember my last semester of college I had to go back to school a week before college classes resumed because I was starting my student teaching semester and the public schools resumed earlier.  I was alone in the apartment I shared with my best friend because she was still at home with her family.  I know many people would love the serenity of silence and being able to do whatever they want with no one else around.  But I was downright lonely.

Being around the great energy of others helps to inspire me. I think what has helped renew my motivation to press through Ironman training is the wonderful crew I have around me. My husband, who will also be competing in the same Ironman Texas race for the first time, really keeps me going.  My best girlfriends and Betty teammates help keep me accountable as we check off every workout on our training calendar. My parents, who are always a nervous wreck at every race until they see me cross the finish line.  And many other new friends I have made through joining in this crazy (awesome) world of triathlon.


This past weekend I wasn’t able to coordinate with any of my friends to do the 4 hour bike ride together. This would be my longest ride to date. Everyone else went on Saturday, but I had scheduled a much-needed bike fitting, so I had to miss out.

To be honest, the last thing I wanted to do was spend my Sunday morning sitting on the trainer for 4 hours. But that’s exactly what I found myself doing. And what kept me going was thinking about all of us working hard and putting in the training necessary to complete our race successfully.


Of course it’s going to be uncomfortable and unpleasant; there is not one athlete (age-grouper or pro) out on the course who is without any type of pain or fatigue. But that’s what makes finishing so great; seeing that your own body can do amazing things.

quote body mind

I often ask my spin class, “What are you sweating for?!” Every person has their own reason but the underlying tone we need to carry is this: we are all there to get better- to feel better, stronger, healthier- and then hopefully in turn share our inspiration with others.  And we need to remind ourselves, that we get to do this. We are strong and blessed with able bodies. We need to remember and celebrate our journey.





Time to Recharge

Well, another week is complete and we’re almost two months into the new year.  Time is flying by and the countdowns to upcoming races are getting shorter!  I found myself losing steam in the past week or so; just not into my training.  I was cutting swims short, ran only one morning for 15 min (the end of a little brick), and skipped my trainer ride day.

Yesterday was quite a workout frenzy as I took TRX class, taught my RPM class, and then hopped on the trainer back at home for 2 more hours!  Not the most fun way to spend my Saturday morning/afternoon, but it had to be done!


But it is Sunday now, and I am recharging and re-setting my intentions for the upcoming week! About to head to the gym for a 90 minute “dreadmill” run, but I’ve got the Bravo app on my phone, so I’ll just catch up on Real Housewives! 🙂

This upcoming week is a short one for us teachers because we kick off Charro Days!  One of my favorite times of the year!  I plan to get all my workouts in, but I’ll be partaking in Sombrero Festival activities as well!

I am also anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Team Betty gear…it’s supposed to come in tomorrow. Most of the Betty’s have already gotten theirs and have been posting pics of their loot!

betty kits

This week’s training plan:

Monday- 3000m swim /Tuesday- 1 hr run/ Wednesday- RPM class + 15 min run & 3000m swim/ Thursday- TRX class & 1 hr trainer ride/ Friday- 3000m swim & 1 hr run/ Saturday- TRX & RPM class (and maybe 1 hr run)/ Sunday- 4 hr ride

We’ll see how many of those I can check off!




Taper Week!

Sorry it’s been a long while since I last updated.  To be honest, I was waiting to find out about the Team Betty 2016 results.  We were supposed to know by Friday….it’s Monday and still we have not heard anything.  To say that I’ve been antsy and anxious is an understatement.  I know that I’ll be fine if I don’t make it, it’s just this NOT knowing either way is driving me nuts.

But in other news….



Yes, my friends, the week where our nerves are through the roof and our bodies are restless.  We are supposed to “taper” or pull back on our training this week, but as endurance athletes, it always feels weird after having spent so many hours, weeks, and months in training mode.

I do feel MORE prepared this year than I did last year.  Probably because I have done the race once and so it is not the “unknown”.  I’m trying to just “trust my training” and keep a peaceful positive attitude.

So here we go!!!!

can will



Stop using the word “only”…

“We’re only running 6 miles tomorrow”

“I only swam an easy 1500″

“It’s only a half ironman”

I was talking with Cristina yesterday morning after a grueling TRX class, and we were talking about our training plan.  We realized that sometimes we discredit ourselves when it comes to the amount of activity we really do.   Being a triathlete (even an average age-grouper like myself) puts our perspective on exercise and training on a much different level than your average person.

One of my goals is to not beat myself up about having a “slow” day during any of my trainings.  As the saying goes, “Comparison is the thief of joy”.  I need to remind myself of this.  Not only comparing myself to others, but comparing myself to myself!  There will rarely be a perfect race day.  The whole reason I tri is to do it with a happy, joyous, and grateful heart!

So when November 8 rolls around, and I slide that swim cap over my head, goggles over my eyes, and wade into Decker Lake, I need to remember how lucky I am to be there.  To have an able body.  And to TRI WITH JOY!

GET To quote



I think it’s working!

run fast quote

So, last week I ended up running my first long run (10 miles) since Febraury!  All of my tendonitis pain had started after I had run the Austin Half Marathon last February, and so I hadn’t run more than 6 miles at a time since then.  I was glad that I was able to run 10, and was actually feeling okay at work for the rest of the morning and afternoon. (I wore compression socks under my jeans), and I really think that helped prevent pain.  However, when about 5:00pm hit, I started getting a stabbing pain in my hip flexor on my bad leg (which is a new pain I had never experienced before) and it got me worried.  I got home, foam rolled my hip flexor, and iced it before bed.  Luckily the pain went away and I was only just a little achey on Saturday.

Sunday Laura and I had a great ride and run brick.  The day started off beautiful and cool!  I got a staple in my back tire around mile 8 and had to call my husband to turn around and change my flat.  But I paid close attention to what he was doing so that I had an idea of how to do it myself.  That’s always my biggest worry: getting a flat on a race day!  I need to prepare myself!


After our long ride (about 50 miles) we threw in a short 2 mile run.  My legs felt 100 lbs each and it was getting HOT, but we did it!  The countdown to Longhorn 70.3 is on: 4 weeks and 2 days out!  I’m a little bit nervous about the run, but more excited than anything else.

aubrey and pupsfamily and pups

Sunday afternoon was spent with family watching the Packers v. 49ers game.  Even though our team isn’t doing so hot, it was so good to spend time with my neice Aubrey!


I have gone to 3 ultrasound therapy sessions and so far I think it’s working! What I mean is, I have been able to do activity with minimal to no pain since Friday.  I want to believe this is what I need and that my leg is healing.  This has to be it!


I took a rest day yesterday and went to ultrasound therapy after work.  Felt good all night and got up for an easy 2000m swim this morning.  Hopefully we can keep the healing/training going!