A decade of music

Made it through my concert week! I still can’t believe I’ve been teaching music for 10 years; I find that pretty crazy because it hasn’t felt like 10 years since I graduated college.



But my favorite part about being a music teacher is putting on programs. My students didn’t disappoint- but don’t get me wrong, we work hard to put these programs together because I like to be proud of the work that represents me. They always pull through & I’m always so proud of them!


We also got to honor my mom for being an amazing volunteer in helping me with our ukulele club. It was very special.

Memorial Day weekend was a good one; went on a couple of dates with my hubby & spent some pool time with my mom.


I also got to see the new Aladdin & I absolutely LOVED it! Definitely recommend it!


Only 2 more school days until summer break! I’ve already pretty much filled up my June calendar, but I like to keep busy!




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