A decade of music

Made it through my concert week! I still can’t believe I’ve been teaching music for 10 years; I find that pretty crazy because it hasn’t felt like 10 years since I graduated college.



But my favorite part about being a music teacher is putting on programs. My students didn’t disappoint- but don’t get me wrong, we work hard to put these programs together because I like to be proud of the work that represents me. They always pull through & I’m always so proud of them!


We also got to honor my mom for being an amazing volunteer in helping me with our ukulele club. It was very special.

Memorial Day weekend was a good one; went on a couple of dates with my hubby & spent some pool time with my mom.


I also got to see the new Aladdin & I absolutely LOVED it! Definitely recommend it!


Only 2 more school days until summer break! I’ve already pretty much filled up my June calendar, but I like to keep busy!




Spring updates

Hello! It’s been about 5 months since I’ve updated here & I really mean it when I say I’m going to try to consistently update this summer. But I’ll try to do some catching up here real quick.

So the spring semester has flown by (as it usually does) and we’re on the countdown of 2 weeks until summer break!


I’ve had a few concerts with my kiddoes & this Thursday will be my final Spring concert with my ukulele club & choir. We’re singing and playing a few of my favorites including, “Brown-Eyed Girl”, “Livin’ On A Prayer”, and “Your Song”. It’s one of my favorite spring programs & I know the kids love it too.





In April we traveled to The Woodlands to watch our friend Bob complete his first Ironman. It was a blast & he did amazing!

Git m inspired to sign up for a tri, so I did; the Harlingen Tri in July. I did it last summer & enjoyed it (as much as one could in that heat). So now I’ve been getting myself to the pool twice a week for the past two weeks. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve been motivated to keep going so that it gets easier the more consistent I am.


I did get out on my my bike for a short ride, but I need to plan more rides in the next month. I’m happy to at least get out on the road once a week.

This past weekend the coaches of OTF took on the Dri Tri challenge as part of our ALS Fundraiser “Torture the Trainer”. I had done the full distance Dri Tri in March 2018 & let me tell you it was TOUGH- 2000m row, 300 body weight exercises, & 5k run on the treadmill. When I completed it I was a bit overwhelmed & had a pretty hard time because I put a lot of pressure on myself to try to place. This time, my strategy was to go comfortable & steady; just take my own time & my own pace & not focus on anyone around me. That’s exactly what I did & I felt GREAT when I was finished. Plus, I finished only like 10 seconds after the last two guy coaches (not bad)!


Celebrated afterwards with some live music & doggies.

This week my main focus is my concert & after that it’s pretty much smooth sailing until the last day of school! Summer, I see you!