Guest Post: Triathletes Adapt

My tri-training partner, the lovely Cristina Boreaux, sent me a video early on Sunday morning as Mike and I were driving back home from Austin.  She had some very inspiring words, and so I transcribed them for the blog:

cris and bike“Since beginning the sport of triathlon about four years ago, I’ve learned so much about myself.  The first being that I can adapt, and I can make things happen.  I can learn to love something that I absolutely fear and absolutely hate.  So, in other words, my fears have become my loves.

Triathletes adapt. We adapt our training.  We adapt to different weather.  We figure out a way.  So, due to life circumstances, today was supposed to be a three-hour gorgeous ride in San Antonio: hill country, last long ride, get in some more confidence on the bike, climbing hills, etc.  But Nani [her grandmother] took a turn for the worse at 98 years old, and so we had to turn around and drive back home.  So our outdoor ride ends up needing to be a trainer ride, and we make it happen.  Life continues going on.

I can also say that triathletes are selfish.  We are going to get it in; don’t know how, don’t know when, but it’s going to happen. And, in us being selfish and adapting and taking care of ourselves, we end up able to be better.  Better [wives], better girlfriends, better parents, and better daughters and granddaughters, because we’ve taken care of ourselves.

I read in one Runner’s World Mile Marker article, ‘We fill our own cups.  When we fill our own cups first, we are able then to fill everybody else’s. Rather than filling everybody else’s cup and the whole time being upset because we haven’t filled our own.’

So, those are all of my thoughts on this early morning: being able to adapt and make it work.  And when you can adapt, life is easier.”

halloween triathletesows

Thanks Cris!




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