Applications are up!

bike run

So my friend just texted me that the Betty Designs Team 2016 applications are up on the site!  When I excitedly visited the page, I saw that we are limited to 3-5 sentences…ehhh, that means I’ll need to do some SERIOUS editing on my essay!

Also, I REALLY want to be able to make a slideshow/video, but I don’t know how!  I may have to just do a cheapy iphone video and hope it works.

This past weekend flew by, but I got a nice 40 mile bike ride in.  We started at sunrise and the morning was nice and cool!  It’s been ridiculously hot and humid (as it usually is) so I really enjoyed and was grateful for the pleasant weather.

Hopefully I’ll get a good week of training in this week with minor leg pain!


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