First Post…my Betty Application


So this is my first blog post!  I know it’ll take awhile for me to learn it and make it all pretty and organized, but I’m excited!  So I have been putting the finishing touches on my Betty Designs application to become part of the 2016 team.  I have the essay part mostly done, it’s just the photos and video that I need to make.  Sadly, I do not own a Mac computer and do not have iMovie or any other editing program like it, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

I do have plenty of race and training pictures to use, I just need to organize them all into a file and get them ready.  The application goes live next Monday, Sept. 21, so I want to get it in ASAP.

The countdown to Longhorn 70.3 is on! We’re about 7 weeks out!  Unfortunately my leg has been acting up again (I’ve been struggling with tendonitis issues since March).  I thought I was on the right track with no pain for almost three weeks until last Wednesday morning while teaching my 5:30am RPM class.  I felt a tinge of pain during a heavy climb, and ever since then it has been bugging me.  If it continues, I’ll have to make another appointment with my Airrosti doctor :(.

I am hopeful for a pain-free race, so I need to do what I need to do!




One thought on “First Post…my Betty Application

  1. Welcome to blogging! It’s really a fun journey to write about all the things that happen through training for your first full ironman. Good luck with the Betty Design team app! I applied too!


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