TriGirl Sprint 2017 Race Report


TriGirl Sprint was a blast. This was the third year for me to compete in this race, and I really recommend it because it is very well put-on and safe for beginners. It takes place in Victor Park in Harlingen, TX, and it is a 300 meter swim, 10 mile bike (5 miles out and 5 back), and a 5k run.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Woke up at 4:45am and got my water bottles together and bikes loaded up. I picked up my mom and we headed to Harlingen. Transition didn’t open until 6:00am, and we got there at about 5:30, so we had a little time to wait. I’d always rather be early and take my time setting up my area and not have to stress out.

Soon the other racers including most of my girlfriends began to arrive. We made our way into transition and set up. My mom and my numbers were right next to each other so we got to set up our bikes together. I was so proud of her, she seemed calm even though I know she was a bit nervous.

Headed into the pool and I jumped in for a short warm-up, just a 100 meter lap. Water still felt cool because the sun hadn’t come up, but I knew things would get warm quickly once it did rise.



Race time! We lined up around the edge of the pool and seeded ourselves by 100m swim times, and then it was go time.


The swim was short and quick. Not too eventful, but I kept a comfortable pace that kept my heart rate down. Towards the end I got into a little bunch with a few other swimmers, but it was no big deal. Hopped out of the water and headed into transition.







For some reason, I was a little bit flustered in transition, and when I mounted my bike and clipped in, I noticed I hadn’t even strapped my right bike shoe on! I was already clipped in and pedaling, so I thought, “Oh well, I’ll just ride like this!


Yelling out to Mike, “My shoe isn’t strapped in!”


The bike ride was pleasant. I was happy to not get any red lights and no loose dogs chased me. I found my way right behind Cristina, and soon we were passing the other racers until we saw the lead girl ahead of us. We made our turn-around, and soon after, passed her up.

We were the two lead females off the bike!


The run was just as I had expected: hot AF. Luckily, it’s only 3 miles so I wasn’t having to bear the heat for too long. Felt pretty good on my feet; I’m really liking these Newtons I’m running in. Although the run was super hot and humid, it was fun to get encouragement from the volunteers and hear them say to me, “You’re the first racer!”


Finally made my way towards the finish line and booked it through. Very second time in my life to be the first one through the finish, it’s a great feeling! It was a time-trial swim start, so I knew that crossing the finish line first didn’t mean I’d completed the race first, but I was hoping for a podium finish in my age group.




Got to see all of my other friends and my mom come through the finish line and I was so proud of them! What a blessing that we get to do this, and that our bodies are able. Praise God!



When it came time for awards, I discovered I got first in my age group! Along with my other two friends Carolina and Priscilla on the podium with me; that was awesome :).


What a great day; I’ll definitely be doing this one next year.

This is my last week of summer; sadness. This weekend Mike and I are making a quick trip up to Austin to take a couple Orangetheory classes and stay with our friends Kim, Kane, and their two girls. Then Monday, it’s back to work to begin my 9th year of teaching!

P.S. I have a very exciting surprise coming up having to do with my “tri life” and I can’t wait to share!




One thought on “TriGirl Sprint 2017 Race Report

  1. Adriana

    Great narration of your event. You were amazing out there. It was great seeing you in all three events (you made it look too easy). Thank you for all the tips you have shared, and for all the encouragement you give us newbies. Will be looking reading more of your recaps and learning from this sport.


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