Boca Raton, FL Trip


Just got back from sunny, hot, and humid Florida (not any different from home). But it was a beautiful place. I have only been to Florida once, about 14 years ago when I was in high school for a choir trip to Disney. So this time around, I was excited to be able to explore.

The whole reason I was in Florida was because Mike and his business partners were there for franchise training to open up their own Orangetheory Fitness Gym. Very exciting new adventures ahead! Boca Raton is where the headquarters are located.

I arrived on Wednesday afternoon, and after a very long carpool shuttle from the airport, I arrived at our hotel. I settled in and soon was picked up by Mike, Eddie, and Jaime to have dinner. We went to a nearby Cheesecake Factory (and I love Cheesecake Factory) and had a nice dinner. Back to hotel to relax and get to bed.

Thursday morning they had to get up early for meetings, so I was on my own until 5:30pm. I had reserved a spot at an Orangetheory class and took an Uber over. My instructor was very good and friendly, and my workout was tough but fun. The hour flew by!

What I like a lot about Orangetheory is you can see your heart rate in real time. You wear a monitor and your name is up on a screen so you can keep track of what “zone” you are in. I definitely push myself more because of it.

When the class is through, you are automatically emailed your fitness report so you can see your results.


I was recommended to check out Red Reef Park and Beach, so I took an Uber there next. It had rained that morning, but luckily the sun came out for my trip to the beach. The water was pretty choppy, but warm and beautiful. Also, there was a sea turtle reservoir right near me, and several little sea turtle nests were roped off all over the beach.


I sat and watched the waves and enjoyed the beauty of the sea. It’s so calm and serene to listen to the water.





I was getting hungry for lunch and stumbled upon a very cute place called The Boca Beach House. Had a delicious pesto chicken salad sandwich, then made my way back to the hotel.


I still had about an hour to kill, so I went down to the hotel pool and swam, laid out, and read my book.


Everyone returned and we cleaned up then found a place to have dinner called Fries to Caviar. Delicious appetizers and entrees. And of course, wonderful company!



Friday morning their meetings weren’t as early, so we got to have breakfast together at the hotel. I returned for a second Orangetheory workout and it was a different workout plan, which kept it challenging and interesting.

After the class, I made my way to the Town Center Mall and did some damage with some retail therapy. 😉

The rest of the afternoon we bounced around town to check out the other OTF gyms. Then it was time to take Eddie and Jaime to the airport.

Since it was our last night there, one of Mike’s friends who was a local to Boca recommended that we make our way down to Atlantic Avenue. I’m sure glad we did because it was so much fun. Kinda reminded me of an Austin/6th Street vibe with a beachy feel. We came across an original Speakeasy and stopped for some delicious cocktails.




We then went to eat at a restaurant called Dada’s which was in a restored historic home. A wonderful ending to our trip!




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