Tuesday Ten

“What I’m loving this week”

1. Dreamfinity 3″ Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper

memory foam

Mike came home with this on Sunday, and it is amazing. It keeps me cool (with three other dogs sleeping on me) and is like sleeping on a cloud.

2. Betty Designs halter bikini tops

betty halter bikini

Of course my favorite tri brand, Betty Designs, has just released the most beautiful summer pieces including this top that I’m dying for!

3. Fever Tree Naturally Light Ginger Beer

ginger beer

This is non-alcoholic, and I LOVE the tangy flavor of ginger, so I was so excited to find the lighter version! Also tastes amazing in a Moscow Mule, of course!

4. Old Navy Criss-Cross slides

criss cross slides

These are adorable and super comfortable. Been wearing them with everything lately.

5. Chloe + Isabel jewelry

c+i collage

I’ve recently signed on to be a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser and am absolutely loving it! Every piece of jewelry is unique, made of great quality, and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee!

6. Race Prep

cheer poster

Yes, my nerves are definitely there, but it was still fun to get together with our cheer crew on Sunday to talk the “game plan” and have the kids make us posters!

7. Tapering

It’s so wonderful to have “shorter” workout this week! For some reason, I feel less pressure when I’m swimming/biking/running because I feel everything I needed to do has been done! Now it’s just time to keep the muscles warm and loose and make it to race day!

122.6 collages

(Don’t get me started on our new “distance”)

8. Joel Osteen’s XM channel

joel osteen

Mike and I “religiously” (pun intended) listen to Joel’s Sirius XM channel. We just love his positive enthusiasm and faith! We plan on visiting his church the day after IMTexas (I can’t wait!)

9. My new tri goodies!

I was in desperate need of a new helmet and cycling shoes! These babies come in sometime this week!

10. The Luckies Girl Alive

luckiest girl alive

I’ve been listening to this book on tape because my library didn’t have it in hard copy. It definitely takes my mind off of my long runs, but man, it is a dark and twisted book!

11 Days out!




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