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Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

Mike and I heard that saying a lot in New Orleans; the day before the race, the day of the race, as many of us showed our nervous anxiety on our facial expressions.

I know it’s completely human and normal to be nervous before embarking on any new adventure. To attempt to do something you have never done before. I YouTube’d last year’s Ironman Texas 2015 and loved the enthusiasm some of the athletes had right before and during the race. That positive energy; those smiles. That’s why we do what we do, right? To feel exhilarated.

“Remember to just have fun, and take your time.”

Now I know that technically we can’t take our time out on the Ironman course. There are time limits for each leg of the race. But I interpret that as take your time mentally. After all, there is an enormous mental strength factor that goes into this day. Keeping our heads up and keeping that thought of, “I WILL do this, I AM doing this!”

i can and i will quote

Training for this race can be looked at as selfish to outsiders. And I say it’s okay to be selfish about something that is your dream. I don’t look at the term “selfish” in a negative way when it comes to working toward something you have put your heart into. Feeling the doubts and fears and going for it anyway.

easy worth it quote

But when we’re out on the course with all of the other athletes, we are one. It’s no longer just about me, it’s about us. When Women for Tri was founded I was so excited to become a part of that community. There is a Facebook group where women of all ages and experiences share their successes, failures, questions, and stories in this world of triathlon. I love reading each and every one and seeing the support and inspiration  being shared.

We lift each other up.

Last weekend I posted a pic saying, “Okay, I’ve had enough of running!” And one of my friends from college posted a comment with a pic of her daughter (who is on a children’s tri team, how cool is that?!) saying, “Don’t give up. There are little girls everywhere that look up to women like you.”

That really struck a note with me. I am always looking for inspiration around me. In fact, some of my favorite bloggers Swim, Bike, Mom and KatieHartMorse inspired me to start this blog. To think of the generations before and behind me being inspired by anything that I’m doing is a really awesome thing. I want to inspire others to feel that feeling of accomplishment, confidence and exhilaration that I feel after crossing a finish line.

So on Saturday, May 14, I have decided the theme to spread is, “This is the best day ever!”

best day ever

Remember the F.U.N.

17 Days Out!




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