BISD “Anyone Can Tri” 2018


As I was running the end of this race I realized this is the 6th time I’ve competed in the BISD Tri! This race is always dear to me because it was my first ever triathlon back in 2011. Another great thing about this event is that it is rookie-friendly and allows kids to compete as well.

This year we had some special kiddoes complete their first triathlons and tri-relays!


Cristina & Jeremy’s kids Mia, Isa, and Roberto


And Laura’s son Luke!

We were all SO PROUD of them and I know they have the “triathlon bug” too ;).

My “race report” for this tri will be short and sweet, as this race was a sprint distance- 400m swim, 13 mile bike, and 5k run.

I was one of the first people to arrive at the Aquatic Center to set up my bike and transition area. I was excited because this is the first triathlon I’ve done since the Harlingen Tri Girl Sprint back in August; I wanted to see how my body would feel and do. I was also happy to debut my TriWithJoy kit finally!


I forgot to pack my watch for this race, so I don’t know my times for any of the three sports. But this year there were no age group winners, it was just a “compete to finish” race. My swim felt good and helped get me energized and warmed up for the rest of the race. I will say that I passed about 5 people and never got passed by anyone, so I was happy with that :).



My mom also competed in the race as a swimmer in a relay and I was so proud of her, she did awesome!


Out of the water and onto the bike!


The bike route for this race is a little sketchy; only because there are several businesses and stop lights where drivers are coming out in front of us, so we have to be very aware of the traffic around us. It was a little bit windy, but nothing I haven’t dealt with before. I actually felt pretty strong on the bike and was running it back into T2 before I knew it!



I was VERY happy that it was a cloudy and overcast day. It really helped stave off the heat. Yes, it was humid, but since I was wet from my swim, I still kept cool. And I MUST SAY that my Orangetheory training made a BIG difference in how I felt on my run! Seriously, I felt like I could have run a 10k at this point and felt fine!


So that’s it! Another enjoyable race and I’m happy to kick of triathlon season 2018. Next one is Spa Girl in San Antonio, then Mike and I plan on signing up for Buffalo Springs 70.3 in June! Ahh!




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