Bye bye Feb…


Another month of 2017 done! Closed it out with my 5th time to run the Austin Half Marathon.

As predicted, I did not PR on this race, and even though I have run this course before, it is NOT a race to just “wing it”. I learned my lesson that I have to put in the training time to do well. That’s the plan for next year!


Best part of the race was the finish line of course!


Many of my friends from home participated and we all got to enjoy some celebration time.


The following weekend kicked off Charro Days, and I enjoyed dressing up during the week.


And then hitting up the Sombrero Festival with Mike and my family.


A new month begins and I am feeling more refreshed and ready to start up a routine with my training. I’ve got a couple of local sprint triathlons in mind and then Buffalo Springs 70.3 in June. I look forward to riding my bike outdoors again, hopefully the weather can cooperate over the weekends so I can make that happen.




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