Magic In Misery




I came across this quote on pinterest and I liked it a lot. If you know me, you know that running is not my favorite. The only reason I run is because it’s part of triathlon. I have friends who absolutely LOVE to run and I never understood them. Running beats me up; as I run I’m aware of the aches, pains, bruised toes/ toenails creeping in. My heart rate rises, my throat goes dry, I start sniffling and coughing…

But this past Saturday morning, I set out for my last long run before Longhorn 70.3. I wasn’t sure if I would end up running 6…8…or 10 miles. I just was going to run off of how I felt. Luckily, it was not such a terribly humid morning, and as I hit 4 miles I started to look around and notice the beauty of the sunrise. I also noticed my breathing was still easy and steady, and that my legs felt fine underneath me.

4 miles turned to 6…and I still felt fine. 6 miles turned to 7…8…and finally 9! I was satisfied with 9 miles (more than I expected I would run) and was pleased to feel not as beat up as usual.

The reason I kept running was because I took my mind out of what I was feeling physically, and started to send up grateful prayers. A year ago (while training for this same race) I was in a lot of pain with my tendonitis. This year, (knock on wood) the pain is gone. I took time to thank God for the renewed motivation He has restored in my heart. I feel confident and ready for this year’s Longhorn.

Yesterday was my last long ride and I participated in the Rotary Ride. 56 miles from Brownsville to Port Isabel and back. It was beautiful weather and minimal wind, so it was ideal conditions for a long ride.



13 days out til Longhorn 70.3! It’s time to ease up on the training and begin the tapering (yesssss)!





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