Hello my old friend…

So, I fell off the blogging bandwagon.  It seems as though once the holidays hit, I just couldn’t find the time (or motivation) to sit down and write.  I had a wonderful end to 2015 including a ski trip to Vail, CO, and another pre-Christmas trip to San Francisco to watch a sad 49ers game, but also enjoy the city as well as Sonoma Valley.

SF 2015

Ironman Texas training began on December 28th and I have been trying my best to follow my plan.  I, along with some friends, purchased IronFit Triathlon Training for Women, and it has three different 20 week plans to follow in training for a full Ironman.  We are following the intermediate plan.

This has translated into more pool time and more running time than I am used to.  It’s doable, but I really have to plan it out (I’m just going one week at a time) to fit it into my schedule.

swimming underwater

On a topic other than triathlon, I am looking forward to attending my TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) conference in February.  It is in downtown San Antonio and runs for 3 days.  I’ll get to attend sessions geared toward exactly what I do: teaching elementary music.  I wasn’t able to attend last year but I am super excited to be able to go this year.  My parents will be going with me, so that’ll be even more fun.

After the conference, Mike is going to pick me up and we’re heading to Austin to run the Austin Half Marathon on Valentine’s Day.  That race is quite a beast with all of the hills throughout the course, and this will be my 5th year to run it.  I am obviously not used to running hills, so my hill-running technique is very sloppy and I always pay for it afterwards.  I’m hardly able to move from sore muscles!  But oh well!

So there’s a quick update on my goings-ons!  I’ll try to blog more regularly, I promise!

positive quote




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