Time to stop and listen

listen to body

Well, it has been 12 days since I completed Austin 70.3 and this morning my body finally told me, “YA!”

(In Spanglish terms that means, “ENOUGH!”)

I guess I just figured that since I didn’t sustain any type of injury after my race, that I would be able to just hop right back into training and exercise as I had before.

The Tuesday after the race I swam 1500 meters, easy.

The Wednesday after the race I taught RPM without pain.

The Thursday after the race I took TRX…..OUCH! That’s when I felt it: the hip flexor pain that had crept upon me during the half marathon in the race.  I had never felt this before and so I figured it was nothing and would fade away.

The Friday after the race I swam 1200 meters, easy.

Saturday and Sunday I traveled to and from Austin for a wedding, so I did no physical activity (other than dancing at the wedding in 5 inch heels of course!)  So I figured, two rest days in a row?! I’ll hit it hard next week.

Well “next week” was this week, and Monday I went to my first Body Pump class in months.  Felt okay, except I noticeably couldn’t lift as heavy as I used to months ago.  All of my strength training has been in the form of TRX classes (which I LOVE).

But Tuesday, I woke up unbelievably sore.  Like more sore than after the 70.3!  I stupidly thought a brick would be a good workout that morning, so I ran a 5k and swam 500 meters.  Bad idea: hip flexor pain 1.5 miles into the run and arms incredibly sore during the swim.

Stubborn me taught RPM yesterday (Wednesday) morning, and my legs paid for it the rest of the day.

This morning sealed my fate.  I attempted TRX again and in the warm up I felt a stabbing pain behind my left knee (old injury) and hip flexor.  I made the decision then and there (after completing the class, of course) that tomorrow would be a rest day.  And maybe Saturday too.

time to rest

I’m so stubborn and get so wrapped up in not missing a workout that I haven’t been listening to my body.  My husband and friends who got injured during the race have pumped the brakes and taken the time to recover and reboot.  Not me, and I’m paying for it.

Now is the time I have been looking forward to.  The “after race” days and couple of weeks where I don’t have to get up and get those miles or hours in.  I just need to reset my brain and way of thinking.

Now it is time to REST.




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