A little Re-Vamp & Re-Brand

Oh blog…how I’ve missed you so….


It’s been almost 4 months since I last posted and I miss it! Life happens, things get hectic, but the whole reason I started this blog was to use it as a “diary” to document my goings-ons in life!

Originally I started “triwithjoy” to document my triathlon training, race reports, and life in between. I had a good 4-5 year run with triathlon and it was great. Now, don’t misunderstand, I haven’t hung my triathlon hat completely, and my fitness journey never stopped. I just have been training differently, and have no major triathlons on my race schedule this year (so far).

If you know me, you know that Orangetheory Fitness has been my main training/exercise program for the past year. My husband and I have been blessed with the opportunity to open 2 OTF studios and they have both been very successful (praise God)!


I started my training to become a certified OTF coach late last spring and began coaching 2 classes a week this past summer. Recently, I have added 2 more classes to my coaching schedule and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my love for fitness with our members.


It may sound cliche, but we truly are a family at our studios; both with staff and members. It’s been amazing!


As far as “race schedules” go, I had high hopes to sign up for Ironman Texas 70.3 in Galveston. I was all pumped and fired up to start HIM training again, but it turns out the race won’t fit in with my life schedule. I still will try to get to the pool 2 times a week, and REALLY MISS riding my bike outdoors. However, I am going to participate in the Harlingen Half Marathon on February 10, and just began training for that race (one “long run” a week along with 5 OTF classes a week).

As you can see, I changed my Tagline and Blog title to “Beauty & Joy”. I thought that I might “re-brand” this blog to be more broad; a lifestyle blog if you will. I’d like to include fashion, beauty, fitness, and inspiration on this blog. And I do promise to update more consistently!



BISD Tri Recap 2017

So this past weekend I participated in the BISD Sprint Triathlon. This race is special to me because it was the first triathlon I had ever done back in 2011.  It lit the spark inside me and I had absolutely no idea back then how important triathlon would be to my physical, and more so, to my mental well-being!

You want to see some funny pics? These are the true definition of a tri-rookie!

first tri swim

first tri pre swim

first tri bikefirst tri bike 2

first tri run

Did you check out the cotton shirt and mountain bike? 🙂

I was hooked on entering this race and have done so every year since (except 2016 when I was in the depths of Ironman training). So, this year would mark my 6th time to race this fun little race.

I was glad that I was able to convince most of my friends to sign up last minute; it’s always more fun to have your people there with you!

bisd girls

I woke up from a very restful sleep and was excited to get the day started. Since this race is located in my hometown it was nice to have a 6:00am wake up call. I was also excited to finally be able to race in my Big Sexy Racing kit. This kit feels absolutely amazing. I love my Betty kits, but this one is actually comfortable. I never once had to readjust or even think about any discomfort from the moment I put it on.

bsr kit swim

We arrived at the pool just as they were opening the gate to set up our transition area. Soon, all of our friends started showing up and everyone started getting ready. Once we were all set, we took a few pre-race photos and said a wonderful prayer. Then it was show time!

BISD pre tri

tri crew bisd


I was seeded as the first female to enter the water for the sprint division (no pressure). I love this pool. It’s the same pool I used to swim/train/compete in with my high school team, so it is literally my comfort zone. As soon as Coach told me to go, I started my watch and I was off!

bisd swim

The swim is a 400 meter distance where we zig-zag between all of 8 lanes (set at 50 meter length). Not too much to report about my swim other than I felt great and passed quite a few male swimmers as I made my way through.

bisd swim out

Out of the water and onto T1!


Living in Brownsville, it is a given that it will be a windy day every day in the spring time. I was not surprised to feel the wind coming in from all sides;  just your typical weekend riding weather. I had completely forgotten about my watch and figured I’d just use it to keep my pace when I hit my run.

bisd bike out

I knew the route of this bike course (13 miles), and so was not worried about getting lost. However, the roads that we ride on have a bit of unpredictable traffic and several traffic lights, so I spent most of my time praying to get all green lights.

Bike ride was over before I knew it and it was time to run!


I knew I had worked my quads pretty hard trying to ride fast through the wind, so I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel during the run. What I did know, was at this point I was still the first female off the bike!

Keep in mind, in all of the years that I have done this particular tri, I have placed, but never won. I was always passed up on the run. I was determined to keep my lead this year.

I was surprised to find my legs felt good, I was not overheated, and almost feel light and bouncy as I ran (which never happens). When a race volunteer rode by me on his bike at about 1.5 miles into the 5k, he said, “You’re the first female I’ve seen on the course!” At this point, there was a bridge that allowed me to make a turn to see if anyone was behind me. No one in sight. This got me excited, “I think I can pull this off!”

Rounded up into the finish line and booked my butt through.

A wonderful little race to kick off my tri season 2017.

Once my own race was over, I got to cheer on the rest of my crew through their finishes. Of course Mike had finished way before me, and our friends who were volunteering told us they were pretty sure he and I were the first male and female finishers.

What do you know, when they announced awards the Gutierrez’s were first male & female! We knew this would be a moment that would most likely never happen again, so we took in our moment (even if it was at a little local sprint race, haha).

first male female

My beautiful mother and other girlfriends flew through the finish line, and wouldn’t you know it, practically every one podium’ed!


Of course celebrations were in order that evening!

celebrate drinks

Up next: Ironman Texas is on April 22, and we are planning a road trip to spectate and cheer on all of the amazing people racing to become Ironmen that day. I can’t wait! We’ll be there in all of our Big Sexy Racing glory!



The Other Side

Yesterday I had the time of my life cheering on my friends and other runners for the Brownsville Historic half marathon. I pulled all the stops; brought out Flora the Flamingo, my feather boa, cowbell, rockin’ playlist, & mimosas of course!


I know how much I appreciate spectators when I’m racing, especially if they’re making fools of themselves. It takes your mind off of the pain, even if just for a little while. This upcoming weekend I’ll be out there swimming, biking, and running, and I’m so glad the Longhorn course is a 3 loop run, so I’ll never feel alone. The spectators are awesome at this race, and they really do keep me going.

It was really nice to be on “the other side” of the race & making people smile!


6 days out from Longhorn 70.3! Race/Taper week!




All things are possible

We leave for The Woodlands, TX tomorrow. I’m very excited and ready to get this done. It’s been a long road, challenging my physical capabilities and even more so my mental strength.

I never would have imagined that God would place this dream in my heart. I have just started reading Joel Osteen’s, “Your Best Life Now”:

Are you willing to change your way of thinking? Will you take the limits off of what God can do in your life? God is saying get ready for more. Make room for increase. Don’t become satisfied with where you are.

Ask God to put some fire in your spirit. Enlarge your vision. If you believe, all things are possible.