The aftermath


It’s been 6 days since we crossed the finish line. My body had a delayed reaction. Kinda like DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) except not in my muscles. My muscles feel surprisingly fine. It’s my foot that’s giving me an issue. Strangely, my right foot has pain right on the outside of it. I have never felt it before and didn’t feel it during the race. But when I woke up on Wednesday morning and stepped out of bed, I had an immediate pain when putting weight on that foot.

It’s weird because I felt nothing on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday after the race. And all I did was an easy recovery swim on Tuesday and Wednesday. But I guess it’s my body’s way of reacting to the shock I put it through. I’m not too worried about it, I know it’ll go away. Wearing wedges helps also. We’ll see….

On another note, I’m already signed up for my next tri! No full Ironman races in my future (for now, at least) but a couple sprints will be a nice treat. In July I’ll participate in Tri For Old Glory, and I’m not sure if I’ll do the sprint or Olympic distance.


Mike and I did this race last summer and we had a blast. I was badly injured at that time, so I switched from the Olympic to the sprint. Mike did the Olympic distance and we both ended up placing 2nd in our respective age groups.

Memorial Day weekend I plan on getting my M-dot tattoo! Can’t wait!



One thought on “The aftermath

  1. Sally Trenfield

    I liked that race! Except watch the turn at the beginning…switch gears…you are a pro, but I fell and fractured my arm because I forgot to put bike in a low enough gear right at beginning of bike ride…didn’t find out it was fractured until 4 days later :(. Finished half the bike part but did the other stuff!


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